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You need to get the right people to move closer to you. We've been helping advisors do this for years and have some very special skills that can help.


When they agree to meet you, the words that come out of your mouth next will set the stage for the rest of your relationship. You don't want wing this.


They said, ``yes`` to working with you. But what's the deal, and what's your process? The right design changes everything. The wrong design wrecks it.


Really? Forever? We think 'yes'. The apex relationship is when your connection with your client begins to extend to their next generation. Their generational success becomes everyone's.

Wealth Coach Program and Above the Line Conference

You're done dabbling, experimenting, trying to pick up little tidbits here and there. You're ready to up your game, and systematically create powerful relationships that serve your client, and your business. It's called the Wealth Coach Program.

You've waited long enough; click the title and let's get it done.

You lead, and you need time to be with other like-minded leaders, and to continue to hone your craft. That's why we created the Above the Line Conference: the only industry event dedicated to expanding advisors' skills in helping wealth holders identify their Vision, their Values, their Goals and then moving them to action. November 2-3, 2016 in Chicago. Cancel the ``other event``, this is the place to be.

Above the Line

Above The Line Conference

November 2-3, 2016
Chicago, IL

There’s a time when you make the decision to take your business to a whole new level. This conference is part of that decision. Hear from:
– Hannah Shaw-Grove
– Dr. Tom Deans
– Tom Rogerson
– Kristin Keffeler
… and more, at this one-of-a-kind industry event for advisors focused on helping their clients get what they really want.

Turn Perfect Strangers Into Perfectly Engaged Clients

News & Blog

Jul 2016
Marketing is your friend. Actually, it’s more than that…

We’re big fans of good marketing. That may not sound like a ground-breaking statement, and you likely say the same, but here’s the thing: good marketing isn’t common in the advisory space. We’ve been providing professional, thoughtful, creative and effective marketing services for almost a decade, and it’s a favorite (“favourite” if you’re in Canada) thing for us to do for advisors. There are 2 big industry challenges that we see show up for you regularly. One is that marketers want to give you cool messages without knowing anything about you. Let’s face it, how is that even remotely possible when they don’t know your brand, your niche or the Read more

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Jun 2016
Our Above The Line Virtual Conference

The internet isn’t perfect for everything, but it’s perfect for this…

On June 7th and 8th, we’re hosting a virtual conference: it’s like going to a conference, but without having to go to a conference.

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Jan 2016
The Right Relationship, Every Time.

If you’ve ever uttered the words, “This business is all about relationships,” then you’re in good company; we’d be hard pressed to find an advisor we’ve worked with who hasn’t said the same. 20 years of talking with advisors has had that single thread running through almost every conversation: relationship. The result is that we’ve honed a Relationship Expertise that we want to share. With that in mind, have you paused to consider that, if relationships really are the key to it all, what your strategy is to creating great ones? Do you have a framework for them? Do you apply a process to it? Now you may think, “You Read more

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