Advisors face four fundamental challenges

How do you connect with new opportunities quickly, and explain yourself in a way that matters to the wealth holder?
How do you go after the actual driving goals of the wealth holder, and move out of a commodity experience permanently?
How do you have the deeper and more skilful conversations that are required for intergenerational wealth transfer?
How do you successfully work with other professional advisors?

There Are Three Ways To Access Our Courses

Advisors have sought us out for over 20 years to help them handle them once and for all. It’s our specialty and we’ve developed, tested and tuned the mindset, process and tools to handle each of them.

You’re busy, and everyone has their own style and own way to learn. We respect that. That’s why we designed our programs so that you can access them in three different ways. 

On-Line: We wanted to put our programs in your pocket. Accessible on your smartphone, tablet or computer, our programs are available anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Digital Live: Sometimes you want more than self-study. You want interaction, dialogue, discussion and more clarification. That’s what we created our Digital Live programs. They are based on you completing a portion of the online learning, then gathering in a small group by video conference to dive deeper into the content. It’s a richer experience and creates the opportunity for you to expand what you’ve learned and get specific feedback as you implement the processes, language, tools and approaches.

Live On Demand: Do you want a live program? We’re happy to deliver them. When a group wants live training where we zero in on skill mastery and practice, we’ll put together live versions of our programs for groups of 12 or more. You bring the group, we’ll bring the training.