ECHO – Generational Wealth Systems

The decisions you help “Families of Wealth” make, will create a legacy, or a mess. ECHO will help you create harmony for your affluent family clients.

Families will reflect on the quality of financial decisions you help them make, for decades. When wealth moves between generations the impact can be massive. They want to do it right. You want to do it right. And the next generation definitely wants it done right.


But how will you make it work? It’s more than just tax law, insurance and investment. You will not promote the harmony of a family without hearing their voices, and helping them map out a vision that matters to them, and inspires them.

To do that requires a mindset, a process, and the right tools. ECHO will give you all three. Based on our Planning Horizon™ and Wealth Optimization System™ foundations, this program takes the conversation to an entirely new level.

Key program elements include:

  • The optimal use of the Legacy Questionnaire, Business Questionnaire, Family Business Questionnaire and Next Generation Questionnaire.
  • The Family Meeting Framework™ – what has to happen for a family meeting to be a real success.
  • The Legacy Biographical Interview to capture the past, understand the present and point to the future.
  • The Family Wealth Framework™ – a complete system for articulating, capturing, planning and implementing the inter-generational vision of your client family.

This 2-day program is hands on, participative and skills-based, not just theory.