When you need to engage with clients for generations.

When families make decisions based on your recommendations, the results will echo long into the future. Their decisions become part of your legacy and theirs. Someone will serve your client for generations; we think it should be you.

The single greatest risk to the advisor business model is a lack of generational reach. Really? Yes.

When your current clients die, and their assets move to the next generation, those clients will leave you (the odds are more than 90% against you). And it’s worse. 70% of estate plans fail and cause the family to lose their wealth because of family cohesion challenges: they fight, and then go broke.

You will complete ECHO with:

  • A powerful new way to capture your clients’ ideal future for themselves, their wealth, and their family
  • The ability to discover and document shared family values, across generations
  • The method to create a meaningful family financial philosophy (mission statement)
  • The ability to actually engage the next generation and create relationships that will stick
  • The ability to capture the family story (the story that holds them all together) through a turnkey biographical interview process
  • The process for confidently hosting family meetings, including agenda’s and exercises
  • The knowledge of Why, When and How to introduce a family wealth counselor
  • The ability to create one-of-a-kind client documents using our web-based application

We’ll provide you with tools, processes and practice at engaging families in meaningful intergenerational discovery so that they can craft a future that matters to them, and you can help them implement it.

“I was working with families of affluence and was doing a great job technically, but I didn’t want to get into all the family dynamics. I’m not a therapist or counsellor and never wanted to be. Now I have a process for engaging with clients that addresses what really matters to them, gets them all on the same page, and creates clients for generations – and I didn’t have to stop being an advisor!”

– Tim Belber, JD, AEP®