Fithian Foundation

The Scott C. Fithian Foundation carries on the legacy of our co-founder through educational programs, research, events and grants. Scott’s brilliant career was shortened in September 2006 after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. His legacy, however, is more than programs, books and movies. Scott left us a life lesson. He understood it’s not how much we accumulate; what matters is how much we accomplish, how well we live, how many lives we touch. That is our goal.

As a young advisor Scott challenged conventional philosophy, always believing there was a better way. In 1996 Scott launched The Legacy Companies and delved full-time into developing our client-centered approach. In 2000 he published his acclaimed book, Value-Based Planning, a must-read for advisors striving to build more meaningful client relationships. In 2004 Scott impressed Hollywood when he became the Executive Producer of The Ultimate Gift, a star-studded film about the special relationship between an advisor and his client. Scott’s legacy continues.


Scott Fithian Tribute Video from The Legacy Companies on Vimeo.