Growth is a bigger version of the same problems

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At the end of our last blog, we left you with a thought: Growth is more of what you already have. It can be more of the good, but it’s also more of the bad. Are you OK with that?

You may see Growth as a welcomed thing – more money, for example, isn’t a bad thing. But when your business grows, any problems your business is facing can also multiply.

Tax problems, time management anxieties, work-home balance struggles, employee difficulties, and team frustrations. Take your pick at any of the above – it doesn’t matter what stressors you’re facing, they won’t just melt away because the business starts to grow. They’ll be exacerbated.

Growth is a bigger version of the same problem. Whatever problems you had before will become more considerable, and therefore, trickier to solve.

So, if Growth isn’t the answer, then what is? You need to evolve – not grow.

The takeaway here is that Growth isn’t the antidote to whatever problems may be confronting you, or your business.

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