When you need to create powerful new client connections, faster.

The IGNITE program directly equips you to create powerful connections quickly with a proven blueprint for having the best first meeting ever.

The fundamental success requirement of an advisor is your ability to generate powerful relationships in a short amount of time. If that’s not daunting enough, you have to do it in a business climate of skepticism, restrictive compliance, and high competition. That’s why we built IGNITE.

You’ll finally be equipped with:

  • A 4 Decision System™ that will guide all your actions with current and potential clients
  • A battle-proven way to confidently answer the question, “What do you do?”
  • An Approach Talk™ that will pull you out of the commodity trap, and result in a clear engagement decision by the wealth holder
  • Clear language that will show your potential client, why they should become a client for life
  • An Engagement Agreement that will accelerate the opportunity forward

“My business has never been the same.”

“I didn’t think that my first meetings could be this powerful.”

“Why weren’t we taught this when we started in the business?!”

“It’s amazing how a few small but critical shifts have changed my production.”