INSIDERS – The “All Access Pass” to Legacy

You wanted more, so we got to work and created the Legacy Insiders Program.

Legacy InsidersWith the industry moving as fast as it is, it doesn’t pay to be on the outside.

“We’ve always been committed to being close to you, close to the action, and close to what’s driving the market. That’s why we created the Insiders’ Program; so that you have the inside track on the newest mindset, processes and tools from Legacy.” Todd Fithian

If you want the inside scoop on “everything Legacy,” you can have it.

Advisors who have worked with us over the last few decades have seen us continually reinvent the business so we can better respond to helping them have the right relationship – with current and future clients – every time. Well, we’ve done it again and it’s called the Legacy Insiders Program.

So what is it and how does it work?

Let’s start with the basics – advisors have told us repeatedly that they want ways to stay close with us and be in sync with what’s coming, what we’re doing, what we’re creating and what we’re seeing in the market. We want to make sure you have that, and a whole lot more.

We took a close look at it. We explored, tested, talked, argued a little (ok, we argued a lot that one time…), and have developed the Legacy Insiders’ Program. It’s pretty exciting, and it was based on your requests, so thank you.

Here’s what advisors were asking for:

  1. I want to know what you guys are cooking up next
  2. I want more access to Todd, and Rob and Chris and the team
  3. I want to be able to weigh in on some of the things you’re putting out into the market, ‘cause I’m in the market
  4. I want a little preferential treatment because I’m totally bought-in to your thinking
  5. I want access to the advanced materials you’re creating, before everyone else does, if I can

We looked at it, and came up with something that hits all of these and more; a lot more. So let’s get to it, what is the Legacy Insiders’ Program?

The Legacy Insiders’ Program gives each registered member access to Stuff You Get, and Stuff You Can Do. It looks like this:

Stuff You Get:

A copy of everything we’ve written, every product we’ve created, and every product we’re going to create.

Access to draft materials we’re writing, before it’s completed, so that you have privileged access and can offer comments and feedback if you choose to. If we use those comments, you’ll be credited for it.

Access to every online program that we create. This is an important area of focus for Legacy and you’ll see us building out our online programs significantly. We want you to have them all.

You’ll be highlighted in as an industry thought leader. We’ll interview you and get your photo up there with a link back to your website. It’ll amp up your search engine rankings and show even more street cred when people go looking for you online.

You’ll get access to Insiders’ Only sessions that we’ll be running at the Above The Line Conference each year. Advanced content and thinking that the masses won’t have the ability to access directly.

Stuff You Can Do:

You can have Anytime Access to the Legacy Team. To clarify, we like to call it “within reason, anytime access” to Todd, Rob, Chris and the team. The purpose is to make sure you have access to the insights or perspectives you need, and support, sounding boards and feedback on how you’re using the Legacy mindset, processes, and tools. It’s not a replacement for consulting or ongoing coaching, but it’s a direct line into the team so that you can make the most of everything you’ve got.

You can choose to attend The Monthly. The Monthly is a monthly, Insiders’ Only call that we’ll be hosting to share what we’re working on, what we’re thinking about, what we’re solving, highlight some brilliant work that’s being done by other advisors, and having other industry experts at the table. It will be a video- or tele-conference and is going to be content-rich, so be ready!

You can attend any program of ours that you have not previously attended at a deep discount of 50% (except for SHINE, it’s a totally different thing). We have new programs and want to make sure you get a chance to participate in them and deepen your skill set, at an advantageous price.

You can re-attend any program you’ve done before for only the cost of a “sitting fee.” The sitting fee is simply to cover the costs of producing the program and we’ll provide a schedule of those costs for you. They’re low, and we encourage you to re-attend: 1) because we update the programs and you’re going to learn new material, and 2) as an Insider, to participate and be able to bring your experience to the table for other advisors who will be looking to your example.

“I love it. I want all of this it’s exactly what I was hoping for; now give me the bad news – what is this gonna cost?”

We’re glad you asked because we wanted to keep it reasonable, and still be able to allocate the time and energy it takes to do everything we’re bringing to the table. There’s a pre-requisite of having participated in the Wealth Coach Program or Launch, and here’s how the numbers work:

Advisor #1:   $299 USD/month

Each additional team member:   $149 USD/month

Discount on all programs:   50%

Discount on Above The Line Conference:   50%

Sitting fee for programs: Will vary, but expect about $350 USD

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