When you want a more powerful client connection.

LAUNCH is designed with a single purpose: install a new process for engaging with future and current clients so that you can have the business, the clients and the life you want.

What you’ll get with the LAUNCH program…

You will complete LAUNCH with:

  • A proven, 4 Decision System™ for engaging with future and current clients in a powerful, efficient and systematic way
  • A new way to introduce yourself to potential clients, and to teach others to introduce you
  • An advanced Approach Talk™ designed to make selling fun and get you quickly aligned with your prospects greatest priorities
  • A new perspective on how Trust works and how you can help nurture it
  • A system for creating Goal Clarity to permanently address one of the invisible points-of-failure in client engagement
  • Our GISOR™ Model for ensuring clients commit to their goals before you solve them
  • A method to articulate Goal Achievement, how you’ll help your client achieve their goals and have the compelling future they want
  • A web-based application to capture what you gather in your expanded Discovery, prepare compelling reports for your clients, and help your team keep cases on track
“LAUNCH transformed my business. I went from trying to help anyone I could, anywhere and everywhere, to engaging the clients I could help the most, with language that moved them, and a process that my team got behind. Clients are implementing what I recommend, my production has increased, and I’m just plain happier.”

– Chuck Ebersole CLU, ChFC, CFF®, CAP®