The Qualitative Advisor is a bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Chris Venn, that helps financial advisors bring the best to your clients and make the most of your business and your life.


When you need to create new client connections, faster.


Activate what actually drives wealth holder decisions.


Engage with clients for generations.


Work successfully with other professional advisors.

Legacy developed the application that allows you to do qualitative planning alongside your quantitative tools.

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The Right Relationship, Every Time.

If you’ve ever uttered the words, “This business is all about relationships,” then you’re in good company; we’d be hard pressed to find an advisor we’ve worked with who hasn’t said the same. 20 years of talking with advisors has had that single thread running through...

A Look Inside the Wealth Holder’s Mind

It's a strange time when so many people are moving toward poverty, while simultaneously so many are moving into affluence. Indeed this has been called the Era Of Affluence as an increasing number of people will have more money than time. When that happens, they need...

Interview Clients Better

Here are 6 Rules About Interviewing that we teach advisors to help them really zero in on their clients during Discovery (or any other time the client’s mouth is moving!). Good listening is more important than you think – treat it that way. Look for the things that...

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