Trying to be “trustworthy” isn’t gonna work. You need a framework.

Your business results will be in direct proportion to your ability to generate trust. But much of what has been written, shared, blogged, commented, discussed and videoed about trust is useless. It’s important, but rarely actionable.

The trust conversation usually goes something like this:

Trust is really important.
You need to build trust with others.
You do that by being, “trust” “worthy”.
And you do that by being worthy of their trust.

Tell me, what can you do with that?! Not much, perhaps nothing. If we were generating epic amounts of trust this wouldn’t matter, but when there’s an entire messaging campaign in the industry railing against the fact that advisors can’t be trusted, you need a better answer.

The Legacy Trust Framework™ has been perfected across 2 decades, numerous psychologists, sociologists, hypnotherapists and has been the underpinning of our training to tens of thousands of advisors.

The Legacy Trust Framework™

The framework addresses four issues:

  1. Socialization – what everyone else thinks and does related to Trust
  2. Neurophyschology – how the brain handles Trust
  3. Mindset – what you think about Trust
  4. Action – what you can do about Trust
Chris Venn

Chris Venn, Canadian Partner

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You can do something about two of these, and there’s nothing you can do about the other two. Socialization and Neuropsychology are unmovable, but your Mindset and your Actions will make all the difference, especially if you understand the Socialization and Neuropsychology.

The Legacy Trust Framework™ has been in the background, it’s been our framework for a long time. But Advisors have never been under the assault of non-confidence by regulators, the media and the industry-at-large as you are now. And together we need to turn the tide of Trust.

Want to learn more about what we’re doing with Trust? We’ll keep you up to date as we release more: