Why planning fails

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We’re taking a more serious tone for this blog – but for good reason.
There are times when wealth planning fails. And sometimes, it fails when it doesn’t have to.

When a family makes the decision to change advisors, it’s often because they question the advisor’s competence. However, our experience with these situations is that it’s not actually a question of competence; it’s a question of clarity.

What it generally comes down to is that either the family lacks clarity on what they’re trying to plan for, or the advisor lacks clarity on what the family wants to achieve. While there may be several moving parts at play here, they all relate back to the idea that you need to bring clarity to absolutely everything you do.

We’ve dedicated a lot of time recently to thinking about making important decisions, and then committing to them. This is one of those decisions. Bringing clarity to everything you do is a decision that you can’t afford to neglect.

Wealth planning does not need to fail. But perfectly tailored planning does not happen by accident, either. It requires you to draw the line, and make the deliberate decision to bring clarity to everything you do.

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