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Become the financial advisor you want to be. Legacy’s Advisor Growth Journey™ delivers a comprehensive, fully customizable development plan to help you reach your goals.

Join Legacy to gain access to all of the resources you’ll need to grow as a financial advisor. Our Advisor Growth Journey™ provides a tailored system focused on your development, designed to help you fully utilize industry-leading resources.

The Planning Horizon®

Legacy was built on the foundational principles of its trademarked methodology: The Planning Horizon®.
The Planning Horizon

This ethos empowers financial advisors to engage with clients to discover what matters to them and why it’s important, before jumping into possible solutions.

While the premise might sound simple, delivering it meaningfully and authentically is not. The Planning Horizon® goes beyond the training, books and mentoring you’ve encountered before and evolves your approach to connect with clients more meaningfully and promote long-term sustainable relationships.

The Advisor Growth Journey™ is your growth plan to help you develop the necessary skills and establish new neural-pathways so those skills become not only natural, but permanent.

Take the journey

The Advisor Growth Journey™ consists of five key areas that help you determine your vision and how you’re going to achieve it.

Tailor your personal growth journey, targeting key areas you wish to enhance, while reinforcing what’s already in place.


Zero in on the things that matter most for generating growth. Define a niche market to serve and develop a revenue production plan for your business. Create a marketing plan to support revenue, with powerful messaging to attract the right types of prospects.


Utilize an industry-leading sales approach to differentiate yourself from the very first interaction. Discover the structure, tools and specific language that’s been a catalyst to advisor growth for more than two decades.


Enhance your delivery by providing a service that defines you as your client’s most trusted advisor. Step beyond the traditional approaches of typical advisors with our Qualitative Discovery, along with tried and tested structures, tools and strategies to easily make an impactful impression on clients and their families.


Create clients for life and develop specific approaches to engaging the entire family/business across generations. Learn how to effectively cluster clients — not segment them — and implement our advisor business organization chart, so you have the right people in the right roles to drive growth.


A growing business is always evolving. Explore what comes next to plan for lasting growth, maintain a clear vision you stay connected to and be confident in how you will achieve it.

Start Your Journey Today

It all begins with an assessment to determine where you currently are and where you want to go.

What the Advisor Growth Journey™ includes

Advisor Growth Journey™ Self-Study

  • Full access to the Advisor Growth Journey™
  • Ability to use all intellectual property
  • Assessment directing you to your Journey priority
  • Workbooks to help facilitate your learning and implementation
  • Access to a library of on-demand webinars
  • Library of resources, articles and tools
  • Invitation to regular live webinars on timely topics
  • Marketing assets to use on your website
  • Access to a community of like-minded advisors
  • Dedicated Client Experience Manager
  • 1x Facilitated group coaching session per month
  • Break out sessions to learn with other advisors through application of principles learned
  • Follow-ups to make sure you’re advancing in the Journey
  • Detailed discovery process to identify your priorities
  • Discovery report documenting your values, vision, goals, and action plan
  • Two 50-minute calls per month with a dedicated coach
  • Coaching binder including workbooks, tools, and a deck of values cards to facilitate coaching
  • Individual Kolbe™ analysis
  • Executive coaching for partners and/or all lead advisors and operations team members
  • Kolbe™ team synergy analysis

Complement your journey with coaching

Person being coached

Complement your journey with coaching

Our professional coaches bring a wealth of experience to your growth journey.

We provide industry knowledge and an abundance of tools and resources to accelerate your development, creating powerful results from your Advisor Growth Journey™.

To ensure you get the full benefit of your growth journey, our coaches bring a useful outside perspective, identifying strategic blindspots and knowledge gaps that need to be filled. This helps solidify your organizational values and vision to map your goals clearly.

Pairing your Advisor Growth Journey™ with our expert coaching means having a strong supporter on hand to encourage and nurture your development. That might include helping you see your full potential and unlock self-imposed limitations or keeping you on track with results-driven targets and goals.

Learn more about Legacy coaching.

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