Work like a genius, with Qualitate™

Qualitate is THE qualitative software for financial advisors.

Combining our unique software with traditional financial and estate planning tools, you can use quantitative data to center your planning around who your clients are and what matters to them. Focus on providing your clients with targeted deliverables and clear presentations that are entirely custom to their needs.

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Technically simple, psychologically sophisticated

Qualitate is a simple-to-use accelerant to create the most powerful client relationships possible. By tapping into the qualitative evidence of your client’s wants, desires and priorities, you will make informed recommendations to help clients make decisions at lightning speed.

Set up for success

Qualitate stores each of your client profiles with easy-to-access sections, allowing you to progressively build out your dossier as your relationship and dealings develop over time.

Multigenerational Business

Engage business owners and families

Through a series of expertly designed questionnaires, Qualitate allows you to powerfully assess the feelings, beliefs and desires of all key stakeholders involved in your clients’ assets. Navigate powerful conversations to establish how your clients want their assets to impact their families and collect the information and insight you need to lead these discussions.

Stay on the right track

As you build out a client profile, you accumulate a lot of information about their values, vision and goals. With Qualitate, you will have a single centralized record of everything that matters to your clients, so you can keep them on track from the beginning.


Keep clients across generations

Advisors are inherently at risk as wealth transitions to spouses or the next generation at death. When you combine the Legacy Advisor Growth Journey training with Qualitate, you will have the necessary strategies, tactics and tools to address this significant challenge once and for all.

Advanced qualitative discovery

The industry-leading questionnaires and tools included within Qualitate combine to create a powerful package. Ask the important questions to engage clients on a higher level, then assess the data to put you in a position where you can successfully navigate the process forward.

Clear and simple

Use Qualitate to help clients follow every step of the process with custom reports and visualizations of their plan, using easy-to-understand terms and diagrams.

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