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The Advisor Growth Journey™ provides access to over 50 online courses. Each course is designed to target a specific objective and tailor your learning to suit your aspirational goals.

Our courses cover every aspect of your personal growth goals. From supercharged marketing to refining your business operations, we offer a fully customizable learning program to suit your needs.

As an added bonus, The Advisor Growth Journey™ also allows the opportunity to receive 25+ CE credit hours.

Our Courses


Niche Marketing
Build a custom marketing plan to help you create results faster.

Brand Promise
Learn why branding matters and discover how to define your own.

Bridge Talk™
Because elevator talks don’t usually work, we’ll show you how to confidently communicate what you do once and for all.

Marketing Lists
Build lists of niche prospects to begin targeting immediately.

Production Plan
Define your top line revenue goal and the number of niche prospects required to achieve it.

Immediate Marketing
Learn how to create opportunities that will feed your revenue goals.

Become a pro at encouraging your clients to give you a great referral.

Sales Approach

The Best First Meeting Ever
First impressions matter. Learn world-class ways to create a distinct, attractive value proposition from your very first interaction.

Engagement Agreements
Use sample letters to construct custom agreements to engage a prospect on the spot.

Advisor Planning Styles
Learn about the different types of advisor styles, and find out where you fit.

The Planning Table
Know who’s sitting around your client’s planning table and enhance your relationships with them via our virtual team tool.

4 Decision SystemTM
A proven framework for your first client discussions and how to end meetings with a clear decision.

The End of Objections
Learn how to address any objections, any time, from anyone.

Processing Styles
Understand how your clients process information so you can communicate and connect with them more effectively.

Qualitative Discovery

Discovery Process
Build a robust, replicable system to get to the heart of what matters most to your client, and why.

Values Discovery
Gain skills to understand what’s most important to your client and tap into their core values and motivations.

Vision Clarification
Powerful questions that help your client articulate their vision for the future clearly, so you can understand what they want to achieve.

Goal Clarity
Use your client’s values and vision to create a series of clear goals that lead them where they want to go.

Goal Achievement
Identify your client’s needs and know how and what to recommend.

Client Review Strategy
Great strategies to get everything you need from client review meetings.

Creating Client Deliverables
Streamline your planning, tracking and reporting with an innovative, purpose-built software package.

Charging Fees
Establish yourself as the professional you are by getting out of the “commodity trap”.

Planning Map
Drive implementation of your client’s plan while smoothly managing all the moving pieces.

Complexity Threshold
Discover your client’s tolerance for complexity so your recommendations are always in alignment.

Strategy Risk Tolerance
Every client has different limits when it comes to risk. Tailor your approach to keep them comfortable but moving forward.

Business Operations

Advisory Business Organization Chart
This isn’t just any old organization chart. Delineate the productivity and operations of your business, so everyone is on the same page.

Operational Roadmap
Design your unique client experience using this customizable visual model.

Client Clustering
A modernized approach to client segmentation.


Introducing Collaboration to Prospects
Leadership is going where others are not willing to go. Use our proven ways to effectively bring collaboration to prospects.

Introducing Collaboration to Existing Clients
Bring collaboration to existing clients. Discover how to introduce them to the idea, and why it’s so important to encourage it.

Introducing Collaboration to other Advisors
Uncover the secrets that will have the clients other advisors dying to meet with you.

Running Advisor Meetings
Run productive, smooth first meetings with your client’s other advisors to make it a win-win for everyone.

Strategy Sessions
Best practices on bringing the team together to identify and strategize effectively on the clients behalf.

Recommendation Meetings
Learn tricks of the trade to run and structure recommendation meetings with clients and the advisory team.

Creative Solutions
How to bring the advisory team together to assess your client’s goals and collectively find solutions.

Strategy Deployment
A solid strategy for deploying team assignments to solve your client’s goals.

Results Management
Make sure your client’s results are being managed and evaluated on an ongoing basis with our process.

Generational Wealth

Landscape of Generational Wealth
Generational wealth is statistically poor. Learn what you can do to help your clients make it a success.

Generational Wealth System
Most advisors just wing it. Legacy’s proven system will quickly put you in a leadership role.

Generational Wealth Approach Talk
Broach the subject of generational wealth to win new engagements with clients across generations.

Life Planning Stages
A powerful conversation to unlock planning opportunities with HNW and UHNW clients.

Hierarchy of Planning
Learn how to successfully navigate clients' planning priorities.

The Legacy Questionnaire
The most powerful estate and legacy planning questionnaire in the business.

Family Financial Philosophy
Create clear mission statements that define your client’s motivations and aspirations.

Engage the Next Generation
Understand the importance of connecting with the next generation in your client’s family, and how to do it effectively.

Events and Workshops to Engage the Next Generation
Discover a series of events and workshops you can host to involve the next generation in your client families.

The Legacy Family Questionnaire
Engaging the next generation is critical in long term success. This proven approach will show you how.

Expand your Professional Network
Learn best practices for building a network of professionals with the competency and expertise to serve your clients unique needs.

Family Meetings
The secrets to running a successful family meeting — and recognizing when it’s time to bring in the right resources to help.

Defining your Legacy

Design your Future
Don’t just plan for your clients’ futures. Protect and plan for your business legacy too.

The S Curve of Business
Improve the odds of creating the clients, business and life you want.

Business Structure
Blueprint business success as you see it with actions to ensure you're moving in the right direction.

Vision Accelerant
Want to get faster results? You might need to spark a way of accelerating your plan to achieve your vision sooner.

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