One-on-one coaching


Legacy one-on-one coaching

Legacy delivers world-class, one-on-one financial advisor coaching.

We custom design your personal coaching program to fit your values and vision for the future, providing dedicated one-to-one expert coaching and support in planning your journey. Learn how to utilize the Advisor Growth Journey™ and a comprehensive library of resources to establish what your aspirations are. Our most exclusive level of coaching will help you stay on track, with professional guidance at every step to bring you closer to your final goal while maintaining the values you uphold.

Get the most out of the Advisor Growth Journey™ with a dedicated coach, who will put the focus squarely on you and your ambitions.

Legacy one-on-one coaching is also a great option for teams or businesses wanting to grow together with tailored development for each advisor.

One-on-one coaching for your journey

Our one-on-one coaching is customized for each financial advisor and their team.

You have your own personal aspirations and aims, and you prefer to learn in particular ways. We utilize various techniques to suit your preferred learning style and hone in on what matters most to you when it comes to your business and future.

While other coaching organizations talk about discovery, we actually do it. We focus on three main areas when developing your coaching program:



The process begins by understanding the values that are core to you and your business. You will experience a facilitated values exercise to determine the rules and standards by which you live. 


Next, we will work together to identify your ideal vision for the future. This desired future state will guide our coaching objectives. We’ll ensure you’re energized about what’s next. 


Finally, we will determine a prioritized list of actionable items designed to make your vision a reality while honoring your values. 

Action Plan

Partnering with your coach, you will determine a clearly defined action plan with timeframes and responsibilities to hold you accountable.

Coaching for financial advisory firms

Our coaching isn’t just for individual financial advisors. If your coaching needs to expand beyond the team to the whole business, Legacy’s firm coaching is second to none.

Utilize our industry-leading discovery process to establish your values, vision and goals and set key benchmarks to drive your business forward. With our adaptable style, you’ll receive tailored coaching in the areas that will make the biggest impact on your organization, whether that’s navigating ensembles, strategizing around your next key hire or creating an end-to-end client experience. Our aim is to help you achieve complete team alignment that includes all key operational stakeholders.

Get focused coaching custom to your learning and business needs

Work with a coach to establish your ambitions

Grow your business in the ways most important to you

Customize your development to reach your goals

What one-on-one coaching includes

1:1 Coaching

  • Full access to the Advisor Growth Journey™
  • Ability to use all intellectual property
  • License to the industry-leading Qualitate™ software
  • Assessment directing you to your Journey priority
  • Workbooks to help facilitate your learning and implementation
  • Access to a library of on-demand webinars
  • Library of resources, articles and tools
  • Invitation to regular live webinars on timely topics
  • Marketing assets to use on your website
  • Access to a community of like-minded advisors
  • Dedicated Client Experience Manager
  • 1x Facilitated group coaching session per month
  • Break out sessions to learn with other advisors through application of principles learned
  • Follow-ups to make sure you’re advancing in the Journey
  • Detailed discovery process to identify your priorities
  • Discovery report documenting your values, vision, goals, and action plan
  • Two 50-minute calls per month with a dedicated coach
  • Coaching binder including workbooks, tools, and a deck of values cards to facilitate coaching
  • Individual Kolbe™ analysis
  • Executive coaching for partners and/or all lead advisors and operations team members
  • Kolbe™ team synergy analysis

Still not sure if one-on-one coaching is right for you?

One-on-one coaching gives financial advisors focused, specialist development, but it isn’t ideal for everyone. Legacy offers various methods of coaching, and it all starts with helping you find the right fit for you.

Talk to us to determine if our one-on-one coaching is the best option for you.