The most important line you can draw

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Take out a pen. Now, draw a horizontal line. It may look like just an ordinary line, but when used in the right context, and with the right knowledge, it’s one of the most important lines you can draw.

It’s called The Planning Horizon™. Learning the secrets of that little line will open up a new world of planning possibilities for both you and your clients.

The secret? Start above the horizon.

Above the line you will find Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. Think of it as the “What” and “Why”. What is your client trying to do, and why are they trying to do it? Above the horizon is where the magic happens. Most people don’t spend nearly enough time on their Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. They fall into the trap of focusing below the line on the “Who” and “How” – Strategies, Tactics and Tools.

Put simply, you need to think about What your clients wants to do and Why, before you can start thinking about How you’re going to get it done and Who is going to help you.

The Planning Horizon™ may be just a line, but it has a lot of impact. It may be narrow, but its possibilities certainly aren’t.

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