So, why not strategy, tactics and tools?

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It’s a natural reflex that when someone asks you a question, you respond with an answer. For the most part, advisors have fallen victim to this reflex, and it comes at the expense of their clients’ planning. Offering up strategies, tactics and tools before there is an appropriate Discovery process is something that needs to be flipped on its head. But, why?

Because strategies, tactics and tools are effectively useless unless you know which ones you need to use. The beauty of starting above The Planning Horizon™ is that it helps clients to have the right perspective to make wise choices about the solutions you end up offering.

There’s no short cut around the issue. Although it can be very tempting to answer a client’s “How” and “Who” questions, our advice is to explore a bit more so that you understand the real issues.

If you’re open with this approach, they will reward you with their trust.

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