Why committing is so important

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If you’ve been following the blog you’ve seen that we’ve devoted some time recently to thinking about decisions. More specifically, we’ve been thinking about why it’s so important to make decisions.

That’s all great – making big decisions is important. But once we’ve made them, we need to commit to them; follow through on them.

At Legacy, we’re coaches. Part of our job is to guide advisors through decision-making. Something that we’ve seen time and time again is that people tend to plan, almost meticulously, about how they will get what they want. They’ll take action, they’ll make the right moves, they’ll act on their futures, and they’ll make the big decisions. But then this strange thing happens as soon as they get what they want – they stop doing everything that helped them achieve that success.

That thought is your commitment waning. Recognize that thought. Then, do everything in your power to push it out of your mind. Success is built with deliberate thoughts, attention and action. But success is lost as soon as you throw all of that out the window.

Draw the Line. Make the big decisions. And then stick to them.

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