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Legacy exists to help create the most evolved advisors on the planet. It’s what we do everyday; and we can do it for you.

But how we do it is where the magic is; let us explain.

First, there has never been a time in history where people have needed better advice from you than they do right now. More and more is being demanded of advisors, and that means your firm has to keep improving. The problem is that most trainers, consultants, coaches, broker-dealer contacts, home office staff and industry reps will say, “You have to grow!” We disagree.

Growth is about increasing what you have – everything gets bigger. We’ve worked with thousands of advisors and know that you don’t want to grow everything in your business – you want to grow certain things.

More specifically, you need to Evolve, not grow. Evolving is the act of letting go of things that don’t serve you or take you forward, and grabbing hold of the things that will. We’ll help you do both.

So, how do we do it?

We blend four things in order to help you make the kinds of changes you know have to happen. We use Training to teach new skills and approaches to you and your team. We Consult to tune that training to your specific business. We use Coaching to install the new abilities and to provide case-specific support (which helps keep opportunities moving and gets stuck opportunities, un-stuck). And finally, we write a book from time to time so you have some additional support resources to use along the way.

In addition to the Training, Consulting, Coaching, and Books, we have software to help you keep everything on track, tools to help do the work easier, conduct regular webinars, host network summits for our advisor clients, dedicate a Client Experience Manager to help you at every step and do all of it for a lot less than you might think.

The value you’ll receive will far outweigh the costs of the program. Wondering if that’s true? Give Todd a call at (888) 649-4591 extension 5, and he’ll give you the straight goods.

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