Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Learn with your peers

With senior, experienced and well-trained coaches, you won’t have to worry about teaching us your industry. We’ve exclusively been coaching financial advisors for over 20 years, and we’ll walk you through the Advisor Growth Journey™ step-by-step to help you get the most from the process.

In group sessions, we’ll help you gain a clear perspective on your goals as a financial advisor and provide the tools to activate and fully utilize your best resources. Take advantage of interactive peer-to-peer sessions in breakout groups to exchange ideas and perspectives with advisors from other companies and backgrounds.

With a clear process, extremely reasonable rates, and a desire to not only hold you accountable, but to help you hold yourself accountable to your very best, we will help you grow.

Begin your journey with group coaching

Our in-depth knowledge of the Legacy Advisor Growth Journey™ and expertise in the world of financial advisory services means we tailor your coaching to suit you. The coaching specifically targets key areas in your business most likely to benefit from the strategies and tactics of the Advisor Growth Journey™.

Throughout group coaching, your Legacy coach will guide you to harness the full potential of the program while keeping your values and vision for the future at the core of what we aim to achieve.

Get involved with interactive group sessions/activities

Learn from interactions with other advisors and their teams

Gain understanding and the ability to apply concepts directly from experts

Accelerate your development to reach your goals

What Group Coaching includes

Group Coaching

  • Full access to the Advisor Growth Journey™
  • Ability to use all intellectual property
  • License to the industry-leading Qualitate™ software
  • Assessment directing you to your Journey priority
  • Workbooks to help facilitate your learning and implementation
  • Access to a library of on-demand webinars
  • Library of resources, articles and tools
  • Invitation to regular live webinars on timely topics
  • Marketing assets to use on your website
  • Access to a community of like-minded advisors
  • Dedicated Client Experience Manager
  • 1x Facilitated group coaching session per month
  • Break out sessions to learn with other advisors through application of principles learned
  • Follow-ups to make sure you’re advancing in the Journey
  • Detailed discovery process to identify your priorities
  • Discovery report documenting your values, vision, goals, and action plan
  • Two 50-minute calls per month with a dedicated coach
  • Coaching binder including workbooks, tools, and a deck of values cards to facilitate coaching
  • Individual Kolbe™ analysis
  • Executive coaching for partners and/or all lead advisors and operations team members
  • Kolbe™ team synergy analysis

Still not sure if group coaching is right for you?

Group coaching is a fantastic way for financial advisors to grow together, but it isn’t ideal for everyone. Legacy offers various methods of coaching, and it all starts with finding the right fit for you.

Contact us to determine if group coaching is the best option for you.

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