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Legacy delivers comprehensive training, coaching and a rich support network for financial advisors who want to develop professionally, seize opportunities and enjoy prolonged growth into the future.

Join Legacy and acquire the strategies, tactics and tools to take your business to the next level.
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Define your competitive difference
Differentiating your unique value as a financial advisor is a significant challenge, but with Legacy, you can stand out from the crowd. We’ve revolutionized the way financial advisors create the most powerful client relationships possible.
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Leverage your capacity
Staying on top of all the demands of running your business can sometimes get in the way of what matters most to you. Legacy has developed a leading operational business model that aligns your people and processes in a simple manner.
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Build a system that matters
Let us show you how to design your end-to-end client experience so you can not only serve them for life, but across generations with a robust, replicable service model.
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Client Retention
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Legacy members achieve an average of 94% client retention.

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Our clients achieve conversion from plan to sales 87% of the time.

Energy increase
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95% of our customers reported an increase in excitement for their business.

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Our clients see an average 38% increase of assets under management.

Focused on growth

Joining Legacy means you’ve chosen to grow as a financial advisor. That might mean growing your business or team, or focusing on personal growth.

Legacy gives you the strategies, tactics and tools to maximize your business in the ways that matter most to you. Because every advisor — and client — is different, our training can be tailored to suit your learning style, so you can create powerful, meaningful and profitable relationships with your clients.

We’ve worked with thousands of clients, from big firms and organizations to independent financial advisors. Our goal is always to help them identify, target and realize their goals through carefully considered strategies and techniques that transcend simply “knowing how the numbers work.” Whatever the size of your financial services operation, we can help you with your business development through our enhanced advisor techniques.

Ready to grow your business?

Advisors in a meeting

You may have all the necessary qualifications to be a certified financial planner, but what are you doing to continuously evolve? One of the most important aspects of financial advising is understanding your clients’ motivations and goals so you can suggest the right solutions and provide confidence in the security of their money and future.

While wealth management is a very particular skill in and of itself, so is the ability to foster lasting relationships with your clients. Pairing your expertise in financial planning with a robust set of soft skills, such as building rapport and prolonged client relationship management, will allow you to take your services and business to the next level.

If you want to develop your skills as a financial advisor, you’re in the right place. At Legacy, we know that the best financial advisors have more than just technical skills. They’re also adept at understanding their clients’ Values, Vision and Goals and figuring out the best way to get them where they want to be.

With our coaching program, you’ll learn how to establish plans that incorporate your clients’ personal values, vision and goals for the future. Our coaches have decades of experience and insight, giving you the ideal opportunity to have someone listen to your ideas and give you feedback with actionable, qualitative direction.

Understanding your client’s financial goals is the cornerstone of Legacy’s philosophy. Only through truly realizing their goals can you make the best financial decisions for your client.

These are entwined with their emotions, though. Legacy’s techniques empower you to strike the right balance between these two sides of the equation, so even from the first day with new clients you’ll be equipped with the skills and tools to present yourself as the person they should entrust with their financial decisions.

What coaching services are you interested in?

We offer a variety of training and coaching services to suit our clients’ needs. From online learning and business development exercises to group activities and a one-on-one coaching session, our financial advisor coaching program can be tailored to achieve your specific goals.

Whether you want to refine your financial planning strategies, take a new approach to practice management or focus on business development by attracting your ideal clients, our range of skill- and technique-centered programs can help. See how financial planning can be done differently, using more than just investment skills to reach the best financial decisions for your clients.

Advisor Growth Journey™

A tailored development system and set of resources that help you grow as a financial advisor.

Group Coaching

Full access to the Advisor Growth Journey, plus group coaching and peer sessions to advance your progress.

One-on-one Coaching

Everything from the AGJ and group coaching plus dedicated one-on-one coaching, workbooks and tools.

Firm Coaching

A custom package tailored to firms, including everything from Legacy one-on-one coaching, applied to your whole organization.

What types of financial professionals do we work with?

We work with financial advisors of all kinds — from individuals and small institutions to large corporations. Our highly flexible training and coaching program model allows us to adapt sessions, learning and development exercises to fit any size of operation holistically.

Thinking head line art representing Legacy's offerings for financial advisors

For financial advisors

If you’re a financial advisor who wants to grow by doing well by your clients, nurturing long-term relationships and committing to make a difference in your clients’ lives, then you’re in the right place. At Legacy, we believe that a strong foundation in client-driven values is what makes for a great financial advisor. Whether you’re a sole advisor or part of a large planning firm, we can help you grow your business.

Gears working line art representing Legacy's offerings for financial organizations

For financial organizations

When you’re responsible for the growth of a group of financial advisors — RIAs, a financial institution or a captive group of advisors — it’s important to encourage, support and continuously help them grow. We want to help you provide special training systems for your group.

Our customizable programs will help you meet those needs.

See if Legacy is the right fit for you

Journey icon representing Legacy's Advisor Growth Journey

Advisor Growth Journey™

Forge your own path with a Legacy Advisor Growth Journey™ that can be designed to suit your personal and professional needs.

Computer Line Drawing representing Legacy's online courses

Online Courses

Tailor your development process with online courses that can be customized to suit how you prefer to learn.

Talking heads icon representing Legacy's coaching


Our expert coaching sessions can help you accelerate your development with a range of group and one-on-one sessions.

Pie chart icon representing Legacy's Qualitate software


Qualitate™ is our innovative and unique software package specifically designed to streamline your planning, tracking, reporting and more.

Our Network of Amazing Clients

Need help finding the right training program for you?

At Legacy, we pride ourselves on offering the most suitable and effective training programs for financial advisors. That’s why we base our recommendations on the specific needs of individuals and organizations following a comprehensive consultation.

Our financial professional coaching sessions are designed to be adaptable to focus on the key areas that you want to develop. Just a few examples of what our experts specialize in include:

  • Business development strategies to expand or accelerate your organization in the right way.
  • Refining financial planning solutions to create a reliable, repeatable model.
  • Going beyond investment skills and improving client relationships.

We also offer a range of resources, including exercises, software and online training programs, that allow you to continually improve on what you’ve learned during your coaching sessions. These powerful tools can be used in conjunction with the custom coaching program to solidify the practices and skills you will explore.

To find out more about what Legacy has to offer and for help deciding which of our services is right for you, reach out to us for a consultation today.

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