Have Better Excuses

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We’re told not to have excuses. People say rousing things like, “No Excuses!” or “Failure is not an option!”, although it is, and often a frequently chosen one. The fact is that you, your team and your clients have excuses and make excuses. We make excuses for our mistakes, our errors, when we’re late, when we’re too early, why the market isn’t doing well, why we didn’t see it coming, why we don’t have a plan, why we don’t need a plan – the excuses are extensive and impressive. But do they work for you? Do they work for your team? Do they work for your clients, or more specifically, do you let them work for your clients?

Excuses are everywhere and the general rule is that ‘Other people’s excuses are not acceptable, but our explanations are’. So, let’s think about excuses a bit differently.

There are only two kinds of excuses. There are excuses for why you can’t/won’t/didn’t do something, and excuses for why you can/will/did. The first kind limit your work, your business, your career, your relationships and your life, while the second kind can empower it. Now I know you might already thinking that making an excuse for why you did the wrong thing undercuts the argument, but that’s probably because you’re trying to undercut an argument. And I might suggest that in that moment, you’re already setting up your defence for why you can’t/won’t make a change. It makes sense because our brains are intensely resistant to change, but it’s something to ponder.

So how can excuses help you?
Quite simply, choose the kinds of excuses for why you can do and thing and will do a thing. Choose excuses that give you permission. Choose excuses that foster your confidence, that move you to action and that give you the initiative. Choose excuses that embolden your clients, that inspire your team so that the results you create, amplify. They’ll expand. Clients will see a bigger future, a greater possibility and your business will grow as you help those that want to accomplish great things.

Don’t avoid excuses; choose better ones. And choose better results for every person that’s affected.

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