Is Your Future Client Sitting at the Table?

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I’ve spent the last 21 years through my work at think-legacy teaching advisors how important it is to bring all voices and decision makers to the planning table, yet I am constantly finding advisors are leaving female spouses behind. Now I understand from a historical perspective men have predominantly taken the lead when it comes to finances. Looking in the rear view mirror also tells us that men were the primary bread winners in the majority of households and more highly educated, but times have changed.

Did you know……

48% of Estates Greater than $5 Million are Controlled by Women?

57% of Bachelor Degree’s are Women?

The Majority of Master’s and Doctorate Degree’s are Women?

50% of Women Earn as Much as Their Husbands?

35% Out-Earn Their Husbands?

Women are More Likely to Outlive Their Husbands?

So not only is including women in these important conversation the right thing to do, it’s critical for your future success in the relationship. Nearly 70% of women reported leaving their husbands advisor in the months following his death, simply because they didn’t view their husbands advisor as their advisor.

At think-legacy we help advisors create the most powerful relationships possible through our LAUNCH Program and then further build upon that process for advisors who are either currently serving clients on a Generational Wealth basis or want to be through our ECHO Program.

As you think about the future of your business and creating an unfair competitive advantage, let think-legacy help ensure you have the right people sitting at your table!

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