It’s time to evolve

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We hinted at an idea in our last blog that we want to now expand on.

Growth only helps in the short term, because growth is just more of what you already have. Instead, you need to evolve – not grow.

What’s the difference? Growth is focused on “getting more” and “becoming bigger”. Evolving is about becoming better. It’s about making changes in all areas of your life and business that can help you to achieve that. It’s about letting go of the things that no longer serve you, and grabbing hold of the things that will.

It encompasses everything that we talk about on our blog. It’s about discovering your clients’ “Why” to help guide them in their planning. It’s about always looking above The Planning Horizon™. It’s about choosing to Draw the Line – to make important life decisions, and commit to them. It’s about sticking to the plan that made you successful, even after you’ve achieved success.

Passivity to this concept will hurt you – remaining static will keep you behind.

You live in a world focused on growth. Your fellow advisors are focused on growth. That means your only option is to move past that, take control and evolve.

And you might just find in the process that you experience this welcomed side effect: Growth. Except, it won’t be more of what you already have – it will be the right kind of growth, a new kind of growth. And it will be exactly what you and your business need.

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