The definition of evolution

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We’re a very curious group. That curiosity tends to lend itself to some quirky interests. We love digging into the meaning and definition of different words – it can be so revealing sometimes.

We started to look into the meaning of the word Evolution.

“A gradual process in which something changes into a different, and usually better form.” “A process of gradual, progressive change or development…spread over many generations.”

The scientific side of things was fairly interesting. Evolution, by definition, is something that cannot happen to an individual organism – it is something that happens to a whole population, and it happens over generations.

That got us thinking – sometimes it seems as if nature wants to keep us mediocre. Rising above the rest, and producing progressive change does not seem like an easy feat. Even the definition of the word evolution would have you believe that achieving such a thing is incredibly difficult.

We’re not trying to say that it’s not difficult. But we feel strongly that it can be done – indeed it’s our business to do just that. You can make changes in your life and your business that will propel you above the majority. Evolution is possible. A personal evolution by an individual is possible.

We don’t think that we’re just “overly optimistic”. We believe this. It is part of who we are, and what our business is. We hope it becomes part of your legacy.

Don’t just grow – evolve.

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