Twelve Weeks of “Why”

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As we’ve said before, we like to think. We love nothing more than putting our heads together to think through important thought topics that are inextricably linked to your success as an advisor.

Over the last 12 weeks, we’ve focused our attention on the importance of “Why”. When we started writing about this thought topic, it was really all about the importance of determining “Why” a client wants to grow rather than “how” they will do that. As we worked through it though, it became more and more apparent to us that the reason why “Why” is so important is because it can have an impact on every area of our lives, every aspect of our businesses and every element of our client relationships.

Here are a few highlights from the last 12 weeks:

  • I always try to remember that when clients take steps to work with us, fundamentally, they don’t engage because of what we do. They also engage because of why we do it. That’s why “why” is so important. –Todd Fithian
  • Financial professionals provide a lot of content to their clients every single day. But there needs to be context before there can be any sort of meaningful content. –Rob Falvey
  • You need to stick to your Why if you are going to achieve success, keep that success, and pass that success on. It’s an idea that I try to keep top of mind. –Todd Fithian
  • When you use your Why as a motivator to help clients realize their potential, they will reward you with their trust. –Chris Venn
  • Don’t be afraid of business processes, systems and strategies. Start with “Why,” and you’ll have an easier time nailing down the processes that are right for your business. –Rob Falvey
  • It’s a great feeling when you get to work with clients who you genuinely enjoy working with. You have the ability to create that for yourself. Lead with your “Why.” –Chris Venn
  • Who are the top five people in your life that motivate you? Why do they motivate you? Chances are you’re not attracted to the “something” that they do – you’re attracted to why they do that “something”. –Todd Fithian
  • Your greatest asset shouldn’t be your ability to answer tough financial questions. Your greatest asset should be your ability to ask tough financial questions. –Rob Falvey
  • Your “Why” led your clients to you, and theirs led you to them. –Chris Venn
  • How do you determine your unique “Why”? How do you unlock your motivator? The key to figuring all of this out is to discover your Core Values. We feel fulfilled when we’ve honoured them, and vacant or aimless when we stray from them. Put simply, they matter a ton. –Todd Fithian
  • Understanding a client is the first step to delivering meaningful advice. The key to that understanding is to discover their core values. –Chris Venn

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our thinking just as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you. The good news is that we’re not done yet. There’s more thinking to be done. Next up, we’re going to be putting our heads together on the theme of “Drawing the Line”. Let the thinking continue!

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