Why ‘why’ is so important

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“Always start with ‘Why’”.

“Get inspired by discovering your ‘Why’”.

“You can’t get anywhere until you figure out your ‘Why’”.

Any of this sound familiar? There has been a lot of chatter in the recent year or so surrounding the importance of starting with ‘Why’. Books have been written, lectures have been given and the popularity of this concept has exploded.

It’s a concept that we certainly agree with, and it has a lot of merit. The part that surprises us is the attention it has received recently as being some sort of groundbreaking and revolutionary way of thinking. Yes it deserves attention. The whole purpose of the concept is to bring more focus and precision to our lives. Given that, we think it’s necessary to honor the principle, but to set aside the hoopla surrounding it.

Seventeen years ago, Legacy Managing Partner Todd Fithian, and his late brother Scott, talked about how the focus should be on Why a client wants to grow, retain and protect their wealth, not just How. That was Scott and Todd’s motivator. It’s Why they decided to form The Legacy Companies in 1996.

It’s something we always try to keep top of mind. We always remember that when clients take steps to work with us, fundamentally, they don’t engage because of what we do. They engage because of why we do it. That’s why ‘why’ is so important.

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