Context is King

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Lately we’ve heard a lot of talk about whether context, or content, is most important.

It’s a thought topic that carries a lot of importance at Legacy because Financial Professionals deliver a lot of “content” to their clients. Every single day you give clients advice, offer solutions, and provide systems, processes and strategies to help them achieve meaningful goals.

Thinking about Context and Content is critical because it brings attention to how we think about delivering our content. Is our content the most important thing, or is how we frame, shape and package that advice the most important thing?

We can break this down in a pretty simple and straightforward way by viewing it through the lens of a first-time client meeting: You sit down with a brand new client, and you start to discuss everything you can do to ensure that all current and future heirs are protected, and will continue to benefit from the client’s wealth.

However, what if that client’s overarching goal is actually to create a philanthropic legacy, by stewarding their wealth forward, and leaving a significant gift to their community, rather than the kids? You could have the best strategy and systems in place, but if those strategies don’t align with a client’s over-arching goal, then your content will fall on deaf ears. Context provides aim and intention for your content.

This train of thought should also be applied to your marketing. When you aren’t clear on the context of your business (meaning who your clients are, and what the most effective way is to engage with them) then you run the risk of marketing to your own needs and interests, rather than your clients’.

Context shapes everything, and context never happens by accident. It demands deliberate and significant thought. Without context, your content is effectively useless, or certainly aimless. This all goes back to our thinking that before we figure out How a client will grow, retain and protect their wealth, we need to first figure out Why they want to do that.

Content is important to playing the game – but context frames how that game will be played. To us, context is king.

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