Get there faster

with advisor growth coaching

Get there faster

with advisor growth coaching

We’re not for everyone.

I’m an advisor

If you’re a financial advisor who wants to grow by doing well by their clients, then you’re in the right place. Advisors who are planning-focused, wanting long-term client relationships, and committed to making a difference: that’s who comes to Legacy.

I help advisors grow

When you’re responsible for a group of advisors – whether it’s a large advisory practice, an RIA firm, an institution, an enterprise, wholesaler or MGA – you have a big task in front of you. Advisors invariably work in their own way and that makes supporting them at scale challenging. Legacy can help.

The Legacy Advisor Growth Network

When you want to grow, you probably use some pretty logical strategies: you get organized, you try to increase your activity, you do some google-ing, you read a book or two, you might even take a course. And it often doesn’t work, or doesn’t work for long.

The Legacy Advisor Growth Network fixes the two fundamental problems you face when you’re trying to grow.

1. The right information.

The right information for financial advisor growthLet’s face it, if achieving your biggest goals, your wildest dreams, was the result of having more information, everyone would be a millionaire and have six-pack abs. Read more.More information is not the answer. Having the exact right information for your circumstance, is. You need carefully curated information that gives you the mindset, the process, and the tools to let you win on your terms. The Advisor Growth Network is exactly that; the courses, resources and tools you need to win, all in one place and available whenever you want it.

2. Doing it on your own.

With the legacy advisor network you get a teamThink about it. If you want to be fit, you hang around other fit people. If you want to be a good musician, you hang around other musicians. And if you want to be a top producing advisor, Read more. you hang around other advisors that are on the same path, or have already traveled that path. Who you associate with has a massive impact on your success and the Advisor Growth Network connects you with over a 1,000 other advisors that are learning, growing and sharing along the way.

It’s Necessary.

You don’t have to grow your business. Sometimes what you have happening is enough, and if that’s the case, we’re genuinely happy for you. But we built the Advisor Growth Network for the Advisor that wants to grow. That might mean growing your business, it might mean growing and developing your team, and it might mean your own personal growth.

We believe, and we’ve witnessed that if you aren’t growing, you’re becoming progressively less-relevant. The industry focuses on growth, and advisory firms that are growing get more attention than those that aren’t. Over time, growth is necessary and the Advisor Growth Network will help you stay on that path.

The Legacy Advisor Growth Network has exactly what you’ll need to grow. It includes all of the following:

New Prospect Engagement

We’ll give you a system to generate powerful client connections so you can completely set yourself apart from the rest of the market. You’ll have these 5 things:

  • A better way to connect with new opportunities
  • A fresh design to prospect meetings
  • A trademarked tool that cuts through the clutter
  • A method to identify key competitors and potential allies
  • Tools to make client decisions easy

Enhanced Qualitative Planning System

We’ll give you a process for client discovery that will permanently change the relationship you create with your clients. Our upgraded discovery process will let you generate a Qualitative financial plan to complement your Quantitative financial plan, so that your clients know what you’re recommending will truly serve the future they want. Make sure your are using these 6 keys:

  • A proven system for identifying decision-making values
  • A system to help clients articulate their vision
  • A method to test goals to ensure they are valid and actionable
  • A confirmation system to lock in client goals
  • A web-based application that delivers Qualitative plans
  • A system to generate recurring planning fees

Working with 3rd Party Professionals

But what happens when you’re working with a client that already has other advisors? Perhaps an accountant and a lawyer that are potentially slowing down your recommendations or steering the engagement in a different direction?

Collaboration is rarely a problem, until it becomes a problem. When your client relationship is going off course, or things are being undermined, effective collaboration becomes critical. We’ll give you these 8 tools:

  • The “right questions” to ask clients and potential collaborators
  • A plan for initial face-to-face meetings with other advisors
  • The 4 Phase Model for Planning
  • How, who and when to run collaborative meetings
  • A process to create more trust between everyone involved
  • How to get the client’s collaborative authority
  • A specific structure for strategy planning meetings
  • The confidence to execute the 5 Best Practices of Collaboration

Multi-Generational Planning

But what about planning across generations? How do you work with the next generation, or the prior one? How do you step into more complex, multi-generational situations with confidence and command? There are specific things you need to do to prepare and we’ll equip you with the mindset, process and tools to do it. You’ll need these 7 things: 

  • A method to capture a clients’ ideal future
  • The ability to discover and document shared family values
  • The method to create a meaningful family financial philosophy
  • The ability to engage the next generation
  • The ability to capture the family story that holds them all together
  • The process for confidently hosting family meetings
  • Why, When and How to introduce a family wealth counselor

Everything You Need

The Network delivers on all of this with videos, transcripts, confirmation quizzes, tools, articles, downloads and more. At every stage of the client engagement – from first contact through to transitioning to future generations – we’ll make sure you’re equipped and in command.





Confirmation Quizzes





What’s the Best Way for You To Learn?

We all have our own learning styles and they can even change over time. But we want to make sure you can learn in whatever way works best for you. Does online self-study work for you? Excellent, we have that. Do you prefer learning in a group with discussion and facilitation? That’s available as well. Is live training, in a room with others your fav? If you have a big enough group, we can make that happen too.

You deserve to learn how you like, and we’re here to help.

Growth Coaching

If you think that “learning is good, but I want some coaching to help me accelerate things”, you’re in the right place.

The Growth Coaching available through the Legacy Advisor Growth Network is world class. With senior, experienced, and well-trained coaches, we’ll do more than help you get clear and activate your best resources. We’ll support you in making sure you successfully apply what you learn in the Advisor Growth Network so that you grow the way you want and you won’t have to teach us your industry, we’ve exclusively been coaching financial advisors for over 20 years.

With a clear process, extremely reasonable rates, and a desire to not only hold you accountable, but to help you hold yourself accountable to your very best, we’re here to help you grow.

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Engage Legacy for Speaking

Words Matter.

That’s why people are always asking us to speak.

Our lives and our businesses are shaped by words. We hear them from others, we hear ourselves speaking, we hear the commentary in our heads. And what you hear, and what the audience you’re responsible for hears, can cause evolution or confusion, transformation or boredom, insight or indignance. Words matter.

And for the last few decades, we’ve been speaking at some of the largest, most influential and important industry events. But we’ve also been speaking with small groups, focused teams, executive leadership teams, advisors who are new in their career, right through to some of the most advanced, credentialed experts in the field.

Why do event organizers want us? Simple – we bring the truth, and we bring the chance to alter the mindset of a group of people in a compressed amount of time. We’re interested in impact. Are we bright? Sure we are. Are we entertaining? Of course. But we are focused on making a difference, so if that’s what you’re after, you’re in the right place.

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