Achieving, Keeping and Passing On Success

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Achieving success is one thing. Keeping success, and passing that success on, is another.

It’s human nature to plan, almost meticulously, about how we will get the things we want in life. The part where we seem to get stuck is in not spending nearly as much time thinking about how we will keep that success, and pass it on.

The truth though, is that letting your mind explore those questions is what will elevate you above the rest. Anyone can think about what they want, but not as many people think about what actions need to be taken to ensure that success doesn’t fade away.

There’s a very simple principle to keep in mind that will put your thoughts in sharp focus when you’re thinking about how to retain, and pass on, your success. (Hint: It’s the same principle you followed to achieve that success in the first place.)

Start with Why. There are numerous different ways for how you can keep your success, and pass it on. Maybe you keep your success by hiring more employees, or working with a business coach to help you attract and retain more clients. When it comes to passing on your success, maybe you will take someone under your wing to mentor. Or, maybe for you, “passing on success” means protecting financial success so that it can be shared with the people you care about.

The point here is that there are lots of How’s. Discovering which one of those “How’s” you need to pursue, all comes back to your Why. It’s difficult to become really clear on what you’re going to do, until you have thought through Why you want to keep your success and pass it on.

There’s nothing fluffy about this stuff. It’s a thought topic that needs some serious attention. You can’t walk into a gas station and buy a map until you know where in the world you want to go—and why you want to go there.

Businesses need to stick to their Why if they are going to achieve success, keep that success, and pass that success on. It’s an idea that we always keep top of mind. We hope that you do to.

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