Why adopt the Why principle?

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If you’ve been following our blog, you will know that we have dedicated a lot of thinking lately to why you should always start with Why, in both personal and professional ventures. It may have you wondering whether adopting the Why principle would be a smart move for you.

The thinking on this topic is really quite simple. When you expose your Why, and make it public to your clients, you then increase the likelihood that your Why will align with their Why. Or, at the very least, that your Why will be something that greatly resonates with them.

This is huge. When people find your Why to be authentic and true, there is an automatic trust boost. This trust becomes more vigorous and durable every time that you and a client experience something together that they can connect back to your Why.

Let’s say that your Why is to ensure that your clients are able to actively realize their financial goals in their lifetime. Now, imagine that a client realizes their goal of being able to make a large donation towards a charitable organization that they have wanted to support. In this scenario, you have honored your Why, and it has aligned with the client’s accomplished goal. Put simply, people don’t forget experiences like that.

Adopt the Why. Others will take notice.

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