The Basics of Evolution (And why they matter to your business)

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If evolving is such an important concept, then why don’t we see a greater focus on it in the business arena? The basics of evolution may hold an interesting answer.

Put simply, in order for biological evolution to take place, there needs to be both an opportunity and a necessity for it to happen. It doesn’t matter how many different opportunities for evolution present themselves, if there is no necessity, then the organisms don’t evolve.

This is an idea that is fairly relevant to the business arena, as well. There is never any shortage of opportunities for evolution. There are always new approaches you could take up and new methods you could explore. And there never seems to be any shortage of success stories of people who have done just that, and evolved.

It seems to us that what keeps some people behind is their failure to find the necessity – their motivator – to move ahead. Perhaps that’s why so many advisors carry on doing what they’ve done all along. It serves them just fine, but they’ll never jump to the head of the pack. And this is exactly what happens in nature. You need to find your “necessity” – your motivator.

There should be nothing puzzling about this concept. It’s simply a law of nature.

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