What are core values, and why do they matter?

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For several weeks now, we’ve been having an ongoing discussion about why it is so important to start with “Why”. Now it’s time to make this principle more personal. Let’s isolate your unique “Why”. We introduce to you, the topic of Core Values.

Values are a very individual experience—they are completely exclusive to you. Others may share similar values, but their point of reference for holding those values will be different from yours.

The absolute best way to pinpoint, and determine what your core values are, is to think about experiences when you feel like you “really got it right.” They could be experiences from either your personal or professional life. Think about these key experiences, and then think through which emotions you were feeling during these experiences. Within those emotions, lay your core values. The reason why you felt like you “got it right” was likely because you were honoring your core values in some way, whether they are trust, community, family, respect, empowerment, integrity, etc. The opposite is also true. The reason why a negative experience was “negative” was because you violated your core values in some way.

Core values are a paramount and fundamental part of who we are. The best part is that they generally are also extremely positive parts of who we are. That’s why it’s so important to let your core values, and your “Why”, guide your decision-making and interactions. Core values are parts of us that should be celebrated, not hidden. Always ensure that clients know that you’re leading with your core values and your “Why”.

Discover your core values. They breed authenticity.

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