Why do you do what you do?

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There’s always a hazard in this business that we will get so caught up in thinking about our clients, and their situations, that we will forget to stop and think about our own.

We’ve dedicated a lot of time to thinking about the importance of focusing on “Why” a client wants to grow, rather than “how” they will do that. We’ve done that because we feel that it is a critically important conversation to have. However, it’s essential that we now take that premise, and flip it around to you as the advisor. We spend so much time asking our clients to reflect on their lives and their unique situations, but the truth is that it is just as important that we do the exact same thing. It’s time for some self-reflection.

There will be far more authenticity brought to your approach with clients, if you yourself have executed some of the exercises that you ask them to do. The thing that we’re trying to get at here is that it is truly critical that both you and your client are operating from a place of mutual understanding, meaning that both of you have discovered your “Why,” and that you are both bringing your “Why” to the table, every single time that you meet.

Your “Why’s” will likely be quite different, and will be coming from a different point of reference. That’s OK, that’s the beauty of it.

If both you and the client are functioning based on your “Why”, then the results will be amazing.

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