Interview Clients Better

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Here are 6 Rules About Interviewing that we teach advisors to help them really zero in on their clients during Discovery (or any other time the client’s mouth is moving!).

  1. Good listening is more important than you think – treat it that way.
  2. Look for the things that are meaningful to them, not you.
  3. Listen for what they value.
  4. It requires that you are actively attentive to what’s being said, how it’s being said, and the sequence it’s presented to you.
  5. Document back to them what you heard (after the meeting) – this is ridiculously powerful.
  6. Listen without looking for a solution or an opportunity to speak. Help them get clear.

We know this sounds basic. We also know that it doesn’t happen as often as advisors wish it could. Give it a shot and see if you can do all six.

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