A Look Inside the Wealth Holder’s Mind

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It’s a strange time when so many people are moving toward poverty, while simultaneously so many are moving into affluence. Indeed this has been called the Era Of Affluence as an increasing number of people will have more money than time. When that happens, they need good advice – but strange things are happening in their brains.

The human brain has 2 jobs: connection and protection. It wants to connect, to be part of something, and to not be left out. But it also is cautious, fearful and guarded. That makes it a bit challenging when you’re trying to help someone because it falls to you to help them feel safe, and feel connected. (Ironically, the same fears and desires are going on in your brain at the same time.)

What can you do to calm their brains and connect gracefully? The fundamental of business is a relationship, and the quality of the relationship will dictate the quality of the results. Wealth holders want to feel understood, respected, and above all else, that you’re putting their needs ahead of your own. Most wealth holders are perfectly happy to buy what will serve their vision and their goals, but few wish to be “sold”.

While it might seem nice if every wealth holder would blindly trust you, the reality is that would ultimately be un-rewarding, not to mention unrealistic. The truth is that some people will be more open, and others won’t trust you. The scars of our lives have a primary role to play in this, but you can still focus on the core requirement: powerful relationships.

While wealth holders should be looking at the bigger picture when it comes to the financial decision making, it’s up to you to create the ground conditions for trust. And to do that demands that you connect and protect your client.

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