Marketing is your friend. Actually, it’s more than that…

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We’re big fans of good marketing. That may not sound like a ground-breaking statement, and you likely say the same, but here’s the thing: good marketing isn’t common in the advisory space.

We’ve been providing professional, thoughtful, creative and effective marketing services for almost a decade, and it’s a favorite (“favourite” if you’re in Canada) thing for us to do for advisors. There are 2 big industry challenges that we see show up for you regularly. One is that marketers want to give you cool messages without knowing anything about you. Let’s face it, how is that even remotely possible when they don’t know your brand, your niche or the message that needs to be delivered.

The other challenge is the commodity challenge you face. The obvious response to being seen as a commodity – or the risk of it – is that you want to figure out how to be different. And it’s a trap. Trying to be different will put your attention in all the wrong places.

The question needs to be, “How can I create a real difference in my client’s (or potential client’s) life?”

If your attention is there, you’ll suddenly be dramatically different as a side-effect of working on the real task: impacting their lives.

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