When will you draw the line?

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One of our favorite photos of trust is when a defiant man in Tiananmen Square put himself into the path of the tanks. He put the well being of others so far ahead of his own that it could have cost him his life. We trust that guy.

Creating trust doesn’t mean you have to put your life on the line, but there’s a point where you start making some decisions that have a big impact. There’s a point where you draw the line, you say, “enough!” or you just change in simple but irreversible ways.

In our businesses, in our interactions with clients, in our lives, we have thoughts about what we could be doing, should be doing. Sometimes we act on them. Sometimes we think about them. Often they lurk in the background as whispers or echoes of decisions you know you need to make, but haven’t been directly faced with the requirement to make them.

Let us encourage you: draw the line and make the decisions that are in the background. When you step forward into the path of your own reluctance to make a life-altering, business-altering decision, you change the course of history. It may not make the papers and there may not be a camera crew nearby, but it will matter.

Draw the line.

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