What’s the Investment

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The only way to make a permanent change is to make a wise decision and then stick with it until it’s fully installed.


To do that, we engage with our clients on a 1 year subscription basis. In your first year you’ll receive:
  • 2 days of face-to-face training
  • access to and the right to freely use all of our intellectual property in your firm
  • all of our planning tools, scripts, resources, audios and reference documents and a copy of Right Side of the Table
  • specialized support to tune the application of our training to the specific needs of your firm
  • a dedicated Client Experience Manager who will provide a concierge-type service to ensure you make the most of your Legacy engagement
  • access to, training and support for our software application that will help keep your client opportunities organized, professional and in motion
  • ongoing case coaching to help you with specific opportunities
  • access to our regular client webinars, and
  • access to our leaders, their thinking and the best of what we have

The result is that you will open relationships more easily, and close better cases faster. The investment is based on a team approach and while there are some variations based on specific broker-dealer or insurance company relationships, it is priced as follows:

1st Advisor: $7,500.00 / year
Each additional advisor or team member: $1,500.00 / year

Want to be certain whether or not it’s right for you? Call Todd at (888) 649-4591 extension 5. Want to know more about how you can be part of the Legacy Wealth Coach Network after your first year? He’ll answer those questions too.

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